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Re: Non-linear / full-2d writing systems?

From:Caleb Hines <bachmusic1@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 25, 2005, 1:36
I haven't really kept up on the list much lately, but I happened to notice this
thread on 2d writting systems. I haven't read all of it, and I'm not sure I'm
completely sold on the idea myself, I did notice someone was mentioning needing
2d text editors. Maybe I can help.

If your 2d system is going to resemble any type of graph (especially a directed
graph) then you may want to look at Graphviz's tools, especially "dot". It
isn't really meant as a text editor per say, but it is a powerful, easy-to-use,
text-based graph-drawing program. I came across it a few days ago while reading
about doxygen (a free automatic source code documentation generator). Within
perhaps 10 or 15 minutes of downloading dot, I was drawing some pretty
neat-looking graphs.

For the Google-impaired, the link is:

A quick sample source file to demonstrate how easy it is to use:

digraph G {
  root -> child1;
  root -> child2;


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