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Pater Noster in Da Mätz se Basa

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 15, 2005, 12:48
Hi Conlang!

I recently translated the Pater Noster into Da Mätz so Basa:

Utz se Fada                        Us his Father
-----------                        -------------
Utz se ina Tän se Fada!            Us his in-the heaven de father

Dir se Nam is häl heich to.        You his name be hold holy (!).
Dir se Reik is mach lei to.        You his kingdom be make come (!)
Dir se Wil-Zuich is mach wot to,   You his want-stuff be make become (!),
  ofe Meil widat ina Tän.            On-the earth, like-that in-the heaven.
Dei gip utz ana do Dach de wa      You give at-the that day the we
  sü dälich se Brot to.              need daily his bread (!).
Un dei fögip utz utz se            And you forgive us his
  Sul-Zuich to, widat wa au fögip    owe-stuff (!), like-that we also forgive
  utz se sul si Mätz.                us his owe his.PL person.
Un dei mach dat wa nich tänt       And you make that we not be.tempted
  nä to.                             no (!).
Ma dei mach utz fai fona           But you make us free from-the/a
  Bös-Zuich to.                      evil-stuff (!).

Omdat dir se is de Reik,           because you his is the kingdom,
  un de stak s'At                    and the strong his kind
  un de hirlich s'At ja,             and the glorious his kind yes,
  ina jüma s'At ja höma.             in-the always his kind yes, really.

Amen.                              Amen.

  |ei| = [aj]      |ch|      = [C] / [X]   |s| = [s]
  |e|  = [@]       |w|       = [v]
  |ä|  = [e]..[E]  |ir|      = [i6]
  |ö|  = [o]..[O]  |j|       = [j]
  |ü|  = [y]..[Y]  |tz|, |z| = [ts]

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