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OT-ish:Conlang Census (cont.)

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Thursday, January 22, 2004, 9:16
--- Thomas R. Wier skrzypszy:

>(14) Favorite color:
Already answered.
>(15) Birthday:
3 June 1970.
>(16) Conlanging since:
Hard to tell. Before my teens I played with non-existent words, but would you call that conlanging? At 14 I worked on a fictional island in the Atlantic, where several non-existent languages were spoken; however, I didn't work on the languages in particular, and they are nothing but a few words. In the same period I wrote conjugational tables for a Romance language, presumably inspired by Latin and French class. My first "real" conlang was Vozgian, started in 1996.
>(17) Other hobbies:
Composing! However, now that life consists of duties for 90 % of the time I can't really afford doing that anymore, so sadly I haven't written a single note since almost three years now. For a thing like that you need time, time, and concentration, which is hardly doable with a full-time job, a wife and a 2 y.o. daughter. However, if I could somehow make a living out if it, I would do that instantly and without hesitation. For the rest, I consider my part in Ill Bethisad an important hobby.
>(18) Favorite music/artists:
Almost exclusively classical. My favourite composer is Stravinsky, followed by composers like Prokofiev, Schnittke, Poulenc, Reich, Louis Andriessen, etc. I also have a particular love for mediaeval music, in particular Guillaume de Machaut and the Ars Subtilior. I like Baroque music, too. I dislike Beethoven, Wagner, Italian opera. As for non-classical music: I don't care much for jazz, except perhaps for Willem Breuker. I like Laibach, but that is more or less where my interest in pop music (in the broader sense) ends. I love folk music, though, especially when it comes from Georgia or the Balkans.
>(19) Favorite book:
Never thought about that, really. I'd say the the "Adriaan en Olivier" series by Leonhard Huizinga, especially the first three books. I also love Douglas Adams' "Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
>(20) How'd I get to the list?
When I finally got access to the Internet, I discovered the existence of other conlangers. I joined the list in February 2002, after having been aware of it for a longer while.
>(21) Beard/Glasses?
Already answered. I shave every 2, 3 (sometimes 4) days. Glasses only for reading.
>(22) Smoker/Alcoholic?
Smoker: yes, heavily (French tobacco). I don't really care for alcohol. In fact, I don't like its tastes, nor do I enjoy the effects of using much of it. Sometimes I drink a beer (only one; the second one never tastes good), and at certain occasions wine (I don't really like it though). I like champagne, but drink it rarely. OTOH, I drink lots of milk and lots of coffee. Like juice, too, but no carbonised drinks. Tea only in the morning, and sometimes during the day to keep myself from drinking too much coffee.
>(23) I'm rather like Andreas in being able to visualize things >and cite facts from memory like that.
I don't really know what the question is here, but let's carry on anyway: I am a very auditive person, and my visual capacities are far below the average. For the rest, I have a good memory for strange facts and numbers. In other fields my memory sucks. Never ask me what we were doing or talking about yesterday, because there is a fair chance that I can't remember anything. Jan


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