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OT: Dissertation online

From:James W <jworlton@...>
Date:Thursday, January 8, 2004, 19:37
*shameless self-advertisement here*
My DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) dissertation was recently added to UNT's
collection. The cool thing is that it is a PDF file which should be available
on the internet to anyone in the world. So, if any of you are so inclined you
can access it by going to Once there choose UNT Library
Catalog; Author; type 'Worlton' & click search (mine is the 'Worlton James
Timbrel' link); then click 'connect to online resource.' The PDF file link is
at the bottom of the page.

The dissertation contains about 75 pages of text and about 65 pages of score
(music). It is a concerto for organ and orchestra. Unfortunately, there are no
sound files, as no one has performed it (yet...).

James W.

Thank you for using Netscape.


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