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Re: writing system

From:Pipian <pipian@...>
Date:Saturday, January 8, 2005, 0:06
Andrew Nowicki wrote:
> <salut_vous_autre@...> wrote: > > >>a few times I've tried to create a goodwriting for >>my conlang but nothingwich seems as esthetic than >>other witings I've already seen > > > You need a cheap CAD program to make perfect > looking glyphs and a decent font creating program. > The High-Logic font program is good enough and it > is a shareware that you can use free of charge for > one month. > > The CAD program will make perfect glyphs and it > will store these glyphs as large raster files, > preferably in GIF format. The font program will > transform the GIF files into a font file. > > >
I personally use fontforge, but you kinda need to either have cygwin or linux on your machine, as it requires X Windows. For the most part it's very nice, and supports OpenType Tables, which most other cheap or free font creators cannot work with.


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