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Re: CHAT: the euro & 01.01.02

From:Almaran Dungeonmaster <dungeonmaster@...>
Date:Friday, December 28, 2001, 19:24
jogloran wrote:
> > >Gas for cars is about 42c in Australia. Which would be about 24 US > cents. > >Except that's per litre, and I'm talking liquified gas, not unleaded > >petrol, which is about 90 cents per litre. > > > >Tristan > > 90 cents? Hmm, it's been hovering around 70-75c in Sydney... >
In The Netherlands, you pay slightly over one euro for a liter of unleaded "benzine" (euro loodvrij -> euro leadfree). This comes down to 4 euro per US gallon, or slightly less than US$4 per gallon. Maarten