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Re: Since we've been talking about French (or, do I hear an accordion?)

From:Felix Ahlner <felix_ahlner@...>
Date:Thursday, March 11, 2004, 10:20
>I did notice one feature of Cajun French also found in >other local vernaculars -- schwa elision, or what I've called "compression" >on this list more than a few times (example: /pti fi/ for _petit fille_ >"little girl").
"Schwa elision" is called "e instable" in France, and thus it is found in European French aswell. But otherwise, many phenomenons could be preserved in the trans-atlantic versions of French, while they have disappeared at "home base", like the [A] and [9~]. And in Canada (I'm told that) you could hear [moe] for "moi", a prononciation which disappeared in France 200 years ago.