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A letter in Valdyan

From:Irina Rempt-Drijfhout <ira@...>
Date:Friday, July 30, 1999, 22:32
This is a letter sent to Vurian astin Brun by his mother, Cynla. It's
a handout in our roleplaying campaign; not a translation exercise
(unless someone decides to have a go at it), just an example. The
Valdyan text is the original; I didn't write it in Dutch or English

It should perhaps be known that Vurian and his wife have a
three-month-old son, Torin, and that they visited his parents, who
live on a farm in the very arid Western Plains, just over a year ago
and bought them a new ploughshare. Cynla is well-educated, but she's
lost the habit of writing.

Vurian inin,

Galsien tien lay delayn; trayin tin Athal so Riei li ani fulenayt.
Senyenen besh pyrenayt ani so dorie shylenayt. Ilea galsean inian
rhesayn parien.

Torein nusyen parinenayn moye. Lei chala ich vareyn! Rastinayn, itine
relyinen hyn irashien neasenaye.

Ferhin dayen morhien tadolys, pasten rayen so rysh moye.

Galsean jat gylan dovyste, Riei so Athal cyne le fulesayn. Mudhie
amreye, nuti inini.

Ruslei Cynla astin Brun


Vurian inin,
Vurian Poss1d-nom-s
Our Vurian,

Galsien      tien         lay   delayn;
letter-dat-s Poss2s-dat-s about thank-PRS-1p
Thank you for ("about") your letter.

trayin       tin          Athal so  Riei li ani fulenayt.
friend-nom-p Poss2s-nom-s Athal and Riei it 2pO bring-PRF-PRS-3p
Your friends Athal and Riei brought it.

Senyenen   besh pyrenayt        ani so
week-loc-p 3    stay-PRF-PRS-3p 2pO and
They stayed for three weeks and

dorie      shylenayt.
farm-loc-s help-PRF-PRS-3p 2dO
helped on the farm.

Ilea galsean inian        rhesayn      parien.
letter-acc-s Poss2p-acc-s trust-PRS-2p pleasure-ins-s
We gladly entrust our letter to them.

Torein      nusyen      parinenayn         moye.
Torin-gen-s birth-dat-s be.glad-PRF-PRS-2s very
We were very glad of Torin's birth.

Lei   chala   ich     vareyn!
3sM-O see-inf if.only
If only we could see him!

Rastinayn         itine relyinen    echain irashien neasenaye.
understand-PRS-1p 2dS   year-loc-cp PST    enough   travel-PRF-PRS-2s
We understand that you've had enough travel last year.
(i.e. they don't expect their son and daughter-in-law to come again
soon to show off the baby)

Ferhin       dayen     morhien     ta.dolys, pasten       rayen
winter-nom-s wet-nom-s soil-dat-s DIM.good   plough-nom-s new-nom-s
The wet winter was quite good for the soil, and the new plough

so  rysh         moye.
and useful-nom-s very
was very useful.

Galsean      jat  gylan        do.vyste, Riei so  Athal cyne
letter-acc-s this write-PRS-1s  Riei and Athal soon
I'm writing this letter in great haste, because Riei and Athal

le  fulesayt.
RFL take.away-INC-PRS-3s
are about to leave.

Mudhie     amreye,     nuti        inini.
health-loc live-IRR-2s child-nom-p Poss2d-nom-p
May you live in health, our children.

            Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay.
            (myself) (English) (Nederlands)