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Re: Interesting Words

From:D Tse <exponent@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 7, 2001, 11:16
It seems to me (I may be wrong) that Japanese also has lots of words
for the
moon, but also a lot for the sun, mostly of them being reserved for
names, compounds and the like, poetry and such (off-hand, I
remember 'ni'
in 'Nihon': Japan, 'nichi' in 'nichiyoubi': Sunday, 'Ohiko'
and 'Taiyou' that
I've seen used as personal names, and of course 'Amaterasu', the Sun

Also, there's a place called Hyuuga ("úŒü ShiftJIS) that has an anomalous and special reading. I've always wanted to know what was up with that... Is it "ateji"? Imperative