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Re: Conlang Software Ideas and Survey

From:kaleissin <kaleissin@...>
Date:Saturday, May 27, 2006, 18:29
Je suis taliesin the storyteller usually, still no net at home,
writing this at friends house using alternate account.

On 5/19/06, Caleb Hines <Bachmusic1@...> wrote:
> =============================================== > CLIDE Initial Interest Survey > > 1. Do you currently use, or have you used, a software package to assist with > language construction and/or maintanance?
> - If yes: > - What software program(s) have you used, and for what purpose(s)?
Shoebox, then toolbox, and a lot of self-made stuff.
> - What feature(s) do you find are the most useful?
Interlinearization, making my own fields. making my own structure of fields
> - What feature(s) do you find are missing?
Can't enter utf8 without special keyboard program (so I use Babelmap and copy/paste), no linux-version
> 2. Would you consider using an integrated software program to assist with > language construction and/or maintanance?
I'm satisfied with what I have
> 3. Would you consider helping develop said program?
I've considered helping the toolbox-ppl, maybe make toolbox properly open source. I consider reinventing the wheel a waste of time. Have you looked at Kura?
> Questions 4-13 apply only if you answered yes to 2 (or 3) (Potential User). > > 4. What operating system(s) do you use?
Several Linuxes, several BSDs, MacOSX, FreeDOS, Win2K
> 5. How important is it for it to be easy to install?
Not very
> 6 to 11
As long as the dictionary can be< edited by hand in vim, all the rest is optional. (export to plaintext, import from plaintext... or... xml)
> 12. How important would extensibility be?
XML export/import would make internal extensibility unneccessary
> 13. Which of the following features might you use? (This is only to get a broad > feel for what might be included -- more detailed determinations of features > can be conducted later) > - Word generation
> - Sound change management
> - Lexicon management
> - Etymology managemet
> - Statistical analysis of texts
> - Interlinear creation (manual or automatic)
> - Creating a reference grammar
> - Grammatical parsing
sounds like work :/
> - Vocalization (computer-pronunciation of a conlang)
> - Phrase-structure tree parsing and/or visualizing
BTDT got the degree, no thanks
> Questions 14-18 apply only if you answered yes to 3 (Potential Developer). > > 14. Which of the following systems have you (or could you) developed on? > - *nix
I *can* develop on a lot but I wouldn't work for free on something for windows
> 15. Which of the following languages do you know? > - C/C++ > - Java > - JavaScript > - Perl > - Python > - HTML > - XML > - SQL > - Other (please specify)
x86 Assembler
> 16. Which of the following areas do you have experience in? > - Database Programming > - Network Programming > - GUI Design > - Natural Language Processing > - Architecture and Design > - Software Testing and Test-Driven Development > - Technical Documentation > - Development Processes > - Extreme Programming
All of the above, but not much teamwork, and only partly XP Oh, and you forgot: - directory services: yup - multicast: yup - ipv6: yup -kernel stuff: ages ago
> 17. How active do you think you could you be in this project? > (answer does not imply commitment)
I've finished my degree and am currently job-hunting, can't promise much after I get a job.
> 18. (Optional) Is developing software a deeply spiritual pursuit for you?
Refactoring can be quite nice :) t.