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Re: CHAT: Measurements (was: Re: CHAT: browsers)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Friday, February 14, 2003, 21:29
En réponse à Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>:

> > I'm inedible. Muahahaha ...
I wouldn't be too sure of it if I were you. They can always make a soup out of you (and they bol you alive then, they say it's better for the taste :)) ). and I'm evil too - the early versions of
> Cyran > orthography are at least as bad as Maggel. /s/ could be written in > several > ways; "s", "ss", "sz", "z", "zz", "zh" and "zhz". "Y" was > impredictably > either /i/ or /j/, "h" could mean /h/, /e/ or be silent.
Pff... child's play :)) . Both vowels
> and > consonants could be doubled without any change of pronunciation, and > /e/, > one of the commonest phonemes could be unwritten. There's absolutely no > way > of telling that "Mzn" is /mesene/, rather than, say /emzen/ or /m=zn=/, > and > given the pronunciation, it could just as well be spelt "Mhzhznne". >
Child's play...
> > What makes you think I'm going to allow 'em to continue to count in base > 20?
The fact that if you don't you soon won't be able to talk anymore, because there won't be a connection between your lungs and your mouth anymore? ;))))
> I'm going to make them count in base 10 000. >
No stinking multiple of ten base thank you! Be happy that they have special words for "million" and "billion" :)) (which by the way are pure nouns and thus out of the numeric system in fact). Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.