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Re: CHAT: Measurements (was: Re: CHAT: browsers)

From:E. Notagain <ecg321@...>
Date:Saturday, February 15, 2003, 7:16
Tiovaqnaki Tels Tristan,

>>> Well, I'll be. I think that's a bigger problem that needs rectification >>> before we try replacing 'ten thousand' with 'myriad'. Of course, there's >>> always the problem that people will be confused by 'a myriad of ways' >>> (the most common meaning and perhaps the only current meaning) and 'a >>> myriad ways'. >> >> I'm not aware of any other current meaning, but then I'm a non-native >> speaker. Anyways, crowding out this usage was kind of the point.
>It means a lot, a huge amount, but not a particular amount. It's a >formal way of saying something like zillion, but it normally has 'of' >after it.
[snip] Myriad. I love that word... Meisteik, Kaveril and Ysvanidh each have at least one word meaning about the same thing. Examples Meisteik: macîkan /ma.Sji.kan/ adj. A large amount âklacel /ja.klaS.eil/ adj. Any unspecified number of things - Kaveril: acman /6S.m6n/ adj. An unimaginable quantity (literal) OR A lot of (figuritive) - Ysvanidh: askmadh /eisk.mad_t/ n. Very large amount OR Any unspecified amount askym (adjective) /eisk.jim/ adj. A large amount of OR An unspecified amount of Does anyone else happen to have this in their conlang(s)? --Erin Notagain-- Pardon any grammar or spelling mistakes. English is a second language -- my native tongue is gibberish and I tend to revert to it when tired or on caffeine. But I still don't speak mumblish.