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Poetic Devices (was: YAC: Widse -- a conlang based on Ygyde)

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Monday, January 27, 2003, 17:39
On Tue, 28 Jan 2003 02:52:21 +1100 Tristan <kesuari@...> writes:
> Christophe Grandsire wrote: > >Rhyme, alliteration, prosody, > >etc... actually none of those things are needed to make poetry.
> You realise what this means, don't you? I'm really am going to have > to come up with something new, but to do that, I'll need to find out > all things old, which'll require a new thread! Muahaha!
> Tristan.
- Well, Rokbeigalmki poetry sometimes makes use of a rhyme scheme called |dagul| "swallowing", where two lines' end rhyming, except that the first line additionally has an additional (usually syllabic) consonant. In 'true' |dagul|, the additional consonant is either the plural marker |m| or the semi-obsolete singularity marker |n|, as in a line from an old version of the Babel Text: amzii-kek kEKM, i amzii-dazEK. The root-repetition in the first line helps also, making this an 'extended' |dagul|. But, you can also have a |dagul| where the additional letter is something else. |Dagul| actually developed accidentally, when i was translating the Babel Text once. I formulated the sentence that way, and then realized that it sounded good. Anyond else have any distinctive poetic devices in their conlangs? -Stephen (Steg) how does that song start again? "it starts with / one thing / i don't know why..."