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Re: Diglossia (was Re: Nur-ellen in the world of Brithenig)

From:Dan Seriff <microtonal@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 13, 2000, 22:15
nicole perrin wrote:
> > Steg Belsky wrote:
> > If i understand your German correctly, "to learn" isn't reflexive? In > > Yiddish it's _lernen *zix*_. (i.e., "Ix hob gelernt zix yidis çvei yohr > > in sule"). But then again, if you've learned German for 2 years and have > > a lack of skills, i've only learned Yiddish for one - and that was more > > than a year ago. > > (The _gelernt_ and _zix_ might have to be switched in that sentece) > > No, it's not reflexive. Although, I would say it differently than > Robert did -- Ich lerne seit zwei Jahren Deutsch (or in my case seit > drei Jahren) of course this could be completely wrong (I'm good in > French, not so hot in German) but what really surprises me is that you > say above "Ix hob gelernt zix" using the German third person singular > reflexive pronoun in a first-person-singular-subject sentence, but I > don't know anything about Yiddish so this could be perfectly correct and > an interesting development. Also, I take it from the above sentence > that Yiddish has different word order than German as well?
You're right, Nicole, although lernen *can* be reflexive, depending on your meaning. Ich lerne seit 4 Jahren Deutsch (I have been learning German for 4 years), aber Ich lerne mich seit 4 Jahren Deutsch (I have been teaching myself German for 4 years, (aber *ich* nicht, ich habe doch ein Lehrer) ;). Difference of voice. BTW: If anyone's interested in a fabulous German movie, I just saw Die weisse Rose last night, which was really good. It's about a 1942-3 student uprising in Munich. Highly recommended. :)
> Nicole
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