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Re: A single font can display ANY alphabet, pictograph, or rune

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Monday, October 17, 2005, 22:55
--- Yahya Abdal-Aziz <yahya@...> wrote:


> One question on LOTEP - how do you break ties? The > example you gave of two characters with the same > LOTEP number seems to consist of a "base" character > (the leftmost of the pair) and a derivative of it. > Clearly, one could devise an orthography where that > base character had several derivatives, each with > the > same LOTEP number. Do you have any thoughts on > what principles might be useful for ordering them?
In my pictographic language I recall that I had anywhere from 3 or 4 to as many as 25 or 30 character with the same LOTEP number, and I didn't really give any thought to breaking ties. But even so, a page with 30 character is easier to scan by eye than a whole dictionary of thousands of words. By the way, my pictographic language was loosely based on American Sign Language for the deaf which I was learning at the time. Each time I learned a new word in ASL, I made up a new pictograph for that word that was meant to remind me of the ASL sign. So after two semesters of ASL I had become fluent in ASL AND fluent in my written pictographic language. --gary