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Hangul kana - Japanese written in Korean

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Monday, September 23, 2002, 1:42
    While brushing up on hangul, I suddenly realized that it could be used to
write Japanese with very few modifications. While Korean (what I understand of
it, that is) has allophonic variance (e.g. unvoiced plosives become voiced
intervocalically), I thought that for the sake of clarity it would be best to
create a one-one correspondance. Below is a chart of what I came up with. While
it somewhat distrubs me as an English speaker to use an aspirated character for
a voiced phoneme, it makes more sense from a Japanese kana perspective to modify
the unvoiced character (i.e., with a ten-ten).

__J__ __K__
  p     p
  b     p_h
  t     t
  d     t_h
  k     k
  g     k_h
  m     m
  n     n
  N     N
  s     s
  z     s'
  h     h
  r     l

    I think I'm forgetting one or two sounds in Japanese, but you get the
general idea. Vowels would likewise follow the Korean counterparts, although for
the sake of simplicity "e" could be represented with the schwa -| rather than
with -|| and of I think all the y- and w- sounds in Japanese could be handled by
their Korean equivalents.