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CHAT: OFF: Re: CHAT: LEGO and co. (was: Re: history of conlanging (akaConlang influences,aka Lest darkness fall))

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Thursday, November 25, 1999, 17:55
Paul Bennett wrote:
> > Those of us who're into Lego, and have a moderate amount of programming savvy > might be interested to read about the following article about Lego Mindstorms > (quote: "a major contender for Coolest Toy on the Planet.") > > > > There's lots of even further off-topic stuff about Robots and AI and so forth. > Seems to be a little bit of "something for everyone".
I got it last year, and yes it is. The book isn't needed since better information is already on the web. Cost $200 and a little time to write the Perl script ... Funniest use I've heard: somebody programmed the thing to run around the room looking for candles, blowing them out with a fan.