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Re: NATLANG:Proto-Pontic

From:Doug Dee <amateurlinguist@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 21, 2003, 0:08
In a message dated 10/20/2003 1:10:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
magwich78@YAHOO.COM writes:

>There is a >good book called The Uralic Language Family: Facts, Myths and Statistics, >by Angela Marcantonio, which gives some very good reasons why there >probably was *never* a unified Proto-Uralic tongue, but rather a continuum >of dialects spread across a rather wide area.
As a point of interest, I'll mention that this book came in for some very negative comments on Linguist List not long ago. See The author is accused of: Flaw #1: Insufficient competence in diachronic linguistics. Flaw #2: Defective knowledge of Uralic data and research in Uraliclinguistics. Flaw #3. Invalid application of statistical methods. Flaw #4. Inconsistency. and Flaw #5. Misleading and erroneous quotes and references. The book is also negatively reviewed at: (I'm not taking sides. I'm not knowledgeable abut Uralic. I just thought the argument might be of interest.) Doug