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Re: 'Yemls Phonemes

From:Matthew Pearson <matthew.pearson@...>
Date:Thursday, December 13, 2001, 20:54
--- You wrote:
Hmmmm. While I haven't pinned down all the rules for vowel deletion, it's
safe to say that the vowel is always recoverable from context (Also, the
diphthongs resulting from CV + V combinations will always be predictable).
That means my current phoneme set is technically adequate. My real problem
is that I want to give a decent idea of how the language is pronounced
without having to notate aspiration, vowel rounding/unrounding, and other
features all the time. That is, phonetic notation is too precise except for
showing a specific utterance of a native speaker (which don't exist), while
phonemic notation isn't good enough.
--- end of quote ---

Why is phonemic notation not good enough?


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