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nomail & misc pathology

From:Stephen Mulraney <ataltanie@...>
Date:Saturday, April 6, 2002, 13:25
ok y'all

The number of unread mails in my conlang-inbox is now
closing in on 400, and they all look so interesting
that I don't want to delete them. Neither do I have
time to read them, so I guess I'll just have go
nomail for a lil while. Blame it on getting a job.

/si:jIz/ as we say in dublin


PS. It's my birthday today, so I'm going to treat myself
to a fit of conlanging. And concerning the 'talking
backwards' thread that was here a while ago, the card
I was sent by my father was written entirely in sdrawkcab
Hsilgne. Interestingly he made some errors, involving not
reversing (written) diphthongs - so e.g. "four" became
"rouf" not "ruof". And maybe related to this (no, I'm not
suggesting it's genetic ;)) , until a few days ago I was unable
to distinguish between the mandarin words 'duo1' (many) and
'dou1' (all, both). Of course the closeness of meaning was
part of the problem, but I had belived they were the same
word until they both occured in one sentence and I noticed
that I had mapped two characters onto the one word...



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