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An unusual incorporation scheme

From:Steven Williams <feurieaux@...>
Date:Thursday, December 8, 2005, 22:03
--- tomhchappell <tomhchappell@...> wrote:

> P.S. I think English is primative/secundative, too;
I suppose that
> makes me one of those people who think English is > dechticaetiative.
Ach! What are all these big words I've never seen before? Primative/secundative? 'Dechticaetiative'?!? How do you even *pronounce* that last monstrosity? [dEk.ti.k@.E.ti.@.tIv]? ___________________________________________________________ Gesendet von Yahoo! Mail - Jetzt mit 1GB Speicher kostenlos - Hier anmelden:


Tristan McLeay <conlang@...>