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Re: My web site

From:Fabian <lajzar@...>
Date:Friday, March 2, 2001, 17:20
> > > > > > > I get 404... Eh? > > I got "File Not Found" on the Maltese dictionary. But the main page I got > loud and clear. The Japanese and Maltese text came out, though I do have
> 5.5 and all the Asian language support, so for some of you the Japanese
> shows up as jibberish.
I re-uploaded the dictionary file... checked the site on the browser, got a file not found. I looked at the site with my ftp program, and it wasn't there. I think they have an anti-zip policy. I am in search of a new web host. -- Fabian Mohhi est doko? Ya wasurechatta ta!