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Applicative and Noun Incorporation

From:Kala Tunu <kalatunu@...>
Date:Saturday, April 13, 2002, 8:05
Elliott Lash <AL260@...> wrote:
Thanks for listening to this rambling long post..I hope you enjoyed it. Elliott Lash <<< (i got some more spare time to spend reading the conlang digest) i did enjoy it indeed. THIS is conlanging! Too bad your fonts don't come out right though because it makes it pretty difficult to read through. wouldn't you like to post examples with plain dumb fonts? (i know they may not prove as aesthetically pleasing as you wish, but they would ease my own understanding :-) RMOC: Tunu only features applicative and it's not as sophisticated: it simply suffixes the preposition to the verb to turn the oblique object into a direct object: He says something to me. Kama alale kunepichi e kami. (same word order as in english) He tells me something. Kama alale-ny-e kami we kunepichi. (we = optional accusative preposition = "na" in Glosa) -ny- glues the preposition "e" ("to") to the verb and swaps the word order. Something is said to me. Kunepichi ahailale e kami. (-hai- = passive tag) *Something is told me. Kunepichi ahailalenye kami. I am told something. Kami* ahailale-my-e kunepichi. -my- glues the preposition "e" to the verb like -ny- does, but then shows that "e" tags the subject "I" (kami), not the object "something" (kunepichi). *kami is better politely omitted here because there's no other person referred to. Mathias