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Tolerance (was: THE WORLD OF THE JINN)

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Thursday, October 16, 2003, 19:27
On Wednesday, October 15, 2003, at 04:44 , Joe wrote:
> I believe Islam sees Jews and Christians as worshipping Allah,
i.e. God - that' right.
> just in the > wrong way. As Allah is at least slightly merciful, and he sees them as > worshipping him, he will give them entrance to heaven, providing they are > sincere. From what I've heard. I could be wrong.
No, you're not wrong. But - and I'm not intending to be personally critical as I don't think Joe means to cause offense - phrases like "As Allah is at least slightly merciful" are not IMHO helpful. Each Sura of the Koran begins: "In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate" There's no qualifier. I guess about half of my student are muslims and so are some of the colleagues I work with (both Sunni & Shiite), so I meet a good few everyday. I meet very few indeed who express the rabid views of the forwarded message or those portrayed too often in western media. Islam, like all religions that I've come across, has its extremists and, regrettably, extremist minorities, whether in religion or politics, seem to shout the loudest and color other's views of the religion or political party. ========================================================================= ==== On Wednesday, October 15, 2003, at 06:49 , Andreas Johansson wrote: [snip]
> Ah, that's unexpectedly charitable, isn't it?
Sad that someone finds it unexpected. The prophets of Judaism are honored in the Koran, as is Jesus and his mother, Mary (indeed, she is named more than any other person in that book), and the desecration of other people's places of worship is forbidden. In Moorish Spain, Jews and Christians enjoyed great freedom and respect under their Muslim rulers.
> Anyone know what Shiites and Sunnis believe re: one another in this > respect? At > least one 17th C Ottoman mufti was of the opinion that the killing of one > Shiite is as helpful for your soul as that of eighty Christians ...
I think there'd be howls of protest if we suggested that Christians abided by the utterance of individual clerics of the 16th century. IME most Sunni & Shiites respect one another. Do we judge all Protestants as being like Ian Paisley? Do we judge all Buddhists by the polemical stance taken by a few Buddhist clerics and their followers in the protracted civil war that has blighted Sri Lanka for so many decades? Of course not. Yet too often IMHO muslims are lumped together as intolerant 'bin Ladens'. I find it very sad that we seem to have entered on a vicious spiral. The negative attitude towards Islam currently in the west is making young muslims feel alienated; and alienated youngsters are what people like Bin Laden prey upon. Another outrage is committed by a alienated & brain-washed youngster, and the western negativity is re-inforced and so on...... I detest & abominate bigotry. Can't we on Conlang, at least, show a little tolerance? A former Republican President of the USA once said: "Civilization owes to the Islamic world some of its most important tools and achievements. From fundamental discoveries in medicine to the highest planes of astronomy, the Muslim genius has been a well-spring of science, commerce and the arts, and has provided for all of us many lessons in courage and hospitality." [Dwight D. Eisenhower. 28th June, 1959] Ray =============================================== (home) (work) ===============================================


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