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Greek verbs

From:Arek Bellagio <zadar@...>
Date:Thursday, December 31, 1998, 6:08

I have some short questions I wish to ask those who are knowledgable in
Greek, either Ancient, Classical, or Modern (would Ancient be the same as

1: How do infinitive verbs appear?
2: How do the verbs conjugate?
3: If you know how the verbs conjugate, but desire not to make a gigantic
post about it to me, do you know of any sites where I could find the info?

I would appreciate if you responded with Greek typed (to the best of your
ability) in the Latin alphabet as opposed to Greek (Cyrillic?).. I know how
to read a Greek (Cyrillic?) alphabet, but I'm not sure how my Latin-based
computer fonts will handle it.

Thanks in advance! :)

In conclusion,
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