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Re: TECH: combining diacritics

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Saturday, January 21, 2006, 3:56
Roger Mills wrote at 2006-01-20 12:42:56 (-0500)
 > In the course of typing up Gwr sound changes, I would like to be
 > able to do an UC V with acute accent. (I have succeeded in doing LC
 > v+accent, but all the acutes I've tried somehow aren't visible with
 > V.)
 > Am using Microsoft Reference Serif font; I could also use
 > Thryomanes-- those two plus Lucida Sans Unicode (no!) are the only
 > fonts I have with a full range of chars. Any suggestions?

In terms of fonts, I'd suggest you try DejaVu (Sans or Serif) or
Doulos SIL, see how those work for you.  (DejaVu's a nice project to
which I've contributed in a small way, but Doulos is perhaps more
likely to achieve good results.)  But whether combining diacriticals
display properly depends on your software as much as on the fonts.

 > Another question: I converted an earlier section of this to .pdf
 > and put it up on my website--
 > -- was everything
 > readable (never mind content)? Especially the occasional glottal
 > stop-- IIRC rather than MS Ref's version, I used Thryomanes'
 > because it looks better. Am doing same in the current paper.  If
 > the recipient computer doesn't have Thryomanes, will the [?] still
 > be readable?

It looks great here (I mean, assuming the characters I'm seeing are
what they're supposed to be).  All the fonts appear to be fine, and my
reader reports that subsets of MSReferenceSerif, Thryomanes and
TimesNewRomanPSMT are all embedded, so it ought to look the same
regardless of whether they're installed. It's nice to see a pdf where
the phonetic symbols actually are in Unicode.

(You've got [3^] for the retroflexed central vowel - that would be CXS
[3`]?  I don't see any reason not to use the actual IPA, which would
Thryomanes and the fonts I mentioned above.)

... Actually, now that I look at it, that doesn't look like the
Thryomanes [?]. Take a look at it yourself - does it look the way you
want it on your own system?


Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>