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Re: Yitzik's catalogue of conlang ideas (was: Reply to Yitzik)

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Monday, January 13, 2003, 17:31
--- Toksyka wipra£a Izak A. Pienziew skrzypszy:

> <<Wouldn't you care to post a list once of your P1-P27, along with a short > description? I've lost track!>> > > I promised to do it after the Sabbath. Here you are!
> [E] - an idea, a conlang at Embryonal stage
Does that mean that you just have an idea, but that there is nothing on paper yet? I have never made such a list of my own conlangs, let alone considered making a list of my ideas for conlangs. I certainly have some ideas for future projects, perhaps I should list them once.
> [N] - a posteriori (Naturalistic)
Well, strictly speaking, an a priori language can be naturlistic as well. But that was just a little nitpick, of course!
> #01 -[N, A]- Rumiya (Rumean). An Ibero-Romance language with heavy Arabic > cultural impact. My major attention now.
A great language! What else is there to say?
> #02 -[N, E, D]- an unnamed slaviconlang. The only representative of Central > Slavic languages: lying between W. and E. with slight admix of S.
This one really made me wake up. No notes at all yet? Have you ever considered a North Slavic language?
> #06 -[S, B, D]- an unnamed Caucasoid. Weird experiments with phonology. > Sample phrases: > ['k?MmE 'tS_jaqwE fM'Z_jEXa 'dzaga] - This nice woman is standing. > ['sMmE 'mZ_ji5a S_ju'rEXa ga'Xus_du] - That merry girl is not asleep. > [ga || k?M'wEXa 't_dagand_dM | 'tKEnd_dE] - No, this is not bread, but milk. > ['5EXa 's_dunMkwE 'dZwanEmM ga'fat`M] - She doesn't wash brother's shirt.
Oh, I remember that one. You posted about it shortly after I joined the list. I couldn't read those messages, though, due to encoding problems. But they are still in my mailbox, and on this (new) computer, I might give it a try.
> #07 -[N, M, D]- Eðelenglisc. Old English survived (with certain changes) > till nowadays free of French influence. A purely Germanic English with > Icelandic as a prototype!
May I invite you to elaborate on this language on Germaniconlang? (not only because the group seriously needs some input, but also because AFAIR you never posted anything "substantial" about it. That reminds me: yesterday a strange thought occurred to me. I know about several conlangs that attempt to strip English from its Latin and French influences. But has anyone ever tried to do the reverse? To make English into a romlang?
> #08 -[S, B, D]- an unnamed project with African flavor. > Sample phrases: > Chisó nde mbá. - This is a house. > Na goso bumi nde mai miki kpó. - There are few trees in this forest. > E nde shuma be ñasa bè? - Is she working or having a rest? > Sagba nde nzaya chá da tsolagbi. - The elder is leaving for the city.
Looks nice!
> #09 -[N, E, D]- Do you remember annoyant Mr.Zhong? This is an anti-Zhongist > jokelang! Take English, French and other European monosyllabic words and put > them together in Chinese-styled grammar! > - Ai nåt ít pók mít. (I don't eat pork). Bat ai ít kao mít. (But I eat > beef). Sei it mó eng foa! (Say it one more time). Yó hom fá? (Is your home > far [from here]?)
Not a bad idea for a pidgin!
> #12 -[N, E, D]- an unnamed attempt to design one more IE conlang out of > traditional groups, close to Germanic-Baltic-Slavic triangle with certain > Italo-Greek parallels.
Well, add Tocharian to the triangle and you have quite a good idea what Hattic is about. I hope this language will ever outgrow the embryonal stage.
> #17 -[N, E, D]- Russian Pidgin inspired by Kyakhta and speech of Asian > merchants at Kiev markets. > Twayá défka shípka shéker, khadí kupí shúba! - Your girl is so beautiful, > come buy her a fur-coat!
Well, the Kyakhta you posted earlier was amazing! But N, E, D? I thought you had elaborated it more!
> #19 -[N, E, D]- Yarrunda Kani. One more "exotic blend", this time > Australian-styled. I still hesitate: shall I merge it with #14, or shall > this one consume the others?
Is there a difference between merging and consuming?
> #20 -[N, B, G]- Kumanzha. A Turkic language with certain Slavic influence. > > #21 -[N, E, X]- an idea to design a conlang directly from Proto-Altaic > reconstructions.
Why not merge #20 and #21? That's what I would probably do. But then, I now very very little about Altaic languages. How different is Proto-Turkish from Proto-Altaic?
> #22 -[N, E, G]- an unnamed project with Siberian flavor. Starting point is a > Proto-Tungus Swadesh List, and nobody knows what shall be mixed to it. > Ugric? Korean? Suggestions are welcomed.
One of (my) premises in IB's Russia, is that Siberia was colonized to a far lesser extent than *here*. As a direct result of this, the indigeneous languages of Siberia are in a far better state. Perhaps it is the word "Siberia" that cought my attention too much, but I would certainly not forget about Ket, Nivkh, Yukagir, etc.
> - a private language Sanggari Falar, designed together with my wife Elena in > 1993 and completely lost in computer crash. Till now I remember only a few > phrases like "Me aymari ten" (I love you) and "Usmá bil san hao" > (Everything's gonna be all right);
You had a computer back in 1993? That is quite remarkable! When I was in Ukraine in 1992, 1994 and 1995 I got the impression that they were a real rarity! It's a shame that you lost this language. The name is beautiful. "Me aymari ten" makes me think of a romlang, but the second sentence looks rather Asiatic.
> Waiting for you comments,
An impressive list! I stored it on my computer "for further reference" :) Jan ===== "Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Everything you'll ever need on one web page from News and Sport to Email and Music Charts