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Re: boustrophedon and conculture of Re: yet another romance conlang

From:Daniel A. Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Thursday, January 6, 2000, 0:42
>From: Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
>Fractured society with widely varying ideologies and agendas. >Let me think of some factions.... > >anti-greco-roman anti-european zealots >unassimilated imperial colonists > >supporters of a more monarchial form of government >supporters of a more democratic form of government >supporters of a more theocratic form of government > >religious jews >semi-religious jews >secular/hellenistic jews >members of other religions > >native judeans >adiabenites >khazars >other diasporans >non-jewish immigrants > >militaristic political ideology >non-militaristic political ideology
A Jewish version of the United States! I love it... ;) [Off-topic, Religious] I've heard that there's a movement in Reform Judaism (in North America) to re-instill stricter Torah observance (more like Conservative or even Orthodox Jews), while maintaining a more liberal social ethic. (That sounds a lot like Catholicism, which tends to be a form of Christianity that's more conservative theologically, but more liberal socially. Techians are a lot like that as a whole, regardless of whether or not one is Jewish, Christian [Orthodox, Catholic, Other] -- or Muslim.)
>That's all i can think of at the moment....those are some of the >different groupings. >People with more of a connection to Europe would be more likely to write >in latin script. >People with more nationalistic Judean feelings would be more likely to >write in hebrew script.
You know, I got the same dilemma in Techia: you have several main ideological schools: Traditionalist or 'Conservative': Supports the monarchy, the tribe/clan system, and Ethiopian Orthodoxy. The tribal governments and the monarchy of course are historically Traditionalist -- but King John-Baptist II of the early 2100s is a closet Progressive. Progressive or 'Liberal': Supports a monarchy checked by a constitutional government, ecumenical relations between faiths -- strongest in 'Uniate' Ge'ez Catholic circles which are growing very rapidly. Jews, which make up 10% of the population, are overwhelmingly Progressive. Republican or 'Libertarian': Opposes the monarchy, wants a much less centralized democratic republic with elected head of state; most prevalent among Catholics (Latin rite), Protestants/Evangelicals/Pentecostals (which I in this case call Christians > 'Other'). Also called 'Conservative' in a different since, and more present among 'Evangelicals' (which often includes Latin-rite Catholics as well as Protestants, and especially prominent among Pentecostals/Charismatics), and many Muslims too are Republicans. Theocratic or 'Religious Radicals': Two forms, Christian (very Protestant and very Calvinistic) and Muslim (but the latter has almost no presence in Techia; they simply want a _jamhuriya_ 'republic' run according to _shariya_ 'Islamic law', more like today's Iran). The Christian fundamentalists are Techians who have embraced the ideology of the United States in the late 21st and early 22nd century (Techia should be the 144th state of the US, which now occupies the entire Western Hemisphere -- and it's been run by Texas-based Christian Reconstructionists combined with Anglo-Israelist 'Identity' leaders and ultra-capitalist imperialists... it's really ugly folks). Zealots by nature that work under the aegis of the Covenant regime as it's called, they are seen as traitors by most Techians, and many have been imprisoned for various crimes against the people. (Which they don't mind because they have an extreme martyr complex.) That's a lot of info, I know... but keep it up, I like what you got...
>So what you end up with is such a mixture that moderates without any kind >of extreme agenda would end up varying freely between scripts, and >eventually someone would come up with the idea that switching back and >forth could save the second or two that it takes to find the beginnings >of the lines.
You know, I thought I was going to use nothing but Ge'ez/Ethiopic script for Tech, but I've decided to use it alongside Arabic and Latin, each with more distinct purposes and of course more in use among certain ethno-religious groups (bear in mind that Tech City is a larger version of New York City and all her burroughs, located in the West Indies).
>Btw...maybe this belongs more on Conculture...but i think i got >unsubscribed....does anyone know how i can resubscribe to it?
It's on -- not like conlang is. I had to unsub from the list; I get way too many posts in my poor ol' Hotmail account as it is, and I am NOT going to leave conlang again. At least I hope not. Mazel Tov! Danny ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at