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"How are you", in different languages?

From:E. Notagain <ecg321@...>
Date:Friday, February 28, 2003, 7:58
I'm very disorganized -- don't mind me...

A few things, first: who here creates dialects, contractions,
and "uneducated speech" for their conlangs?

Second: What, in your language (conlang and natlang), is the closest
translation to the English "How are you" (conversation starter and

Examples --

English (Midwestern): "How are you?" (implying "How are you doing?") is
generally expected to be answered with "Good" or "Fine"; it shocks people a
little if you answer with something like "How am I what?" or "Living" (both
are my favourites).

Meisteik (my first conlang): Closest phrase is "How do you live?" is
generally answered with "Of course/Obviously" -- the entire phrase implies,
in the native language, "Are you doing well?" "Of course I am."
An answer used only among friends is "And can you see?", meant to
imply "Well, I'm standing here, aren't I?!"
A witty response, taking the phrase literally, is "I breathe and eat".

The translations and contractions: (period is used for syllable break)

How you live?: Kan yn vav? /kan in vav/
Contraction: Kanav? /ka.nav/

Of course. (Obviously): Evèmate. /
Contraction: Evim. /

And can you see?: Èt josa yn etera? /Et in eit.ei.ra/
Contraction: Èt yn etera? or Èt yn èta? /Et in ei.tei.ra/ or /eit in Eta/
(note: "èt" is literally "and", but is used in informal speech as a kind of
verbal tick. the closest translation might be "and," "so," or "well,"
so "èt josa yn etera?" could also be "So/Well can you see?")

I breathe and eat: Â rale èt lamenk. /ja ra.lei Et la.meink/
Contraction: Â rale. or Rale et lamenk. /ja or /ra.lei eit la.mank/

(As a note, Meisteik is, in common speech, pronounced /maist.stai.ik/, but
is technically supposed to be pronounced /mei.i.stei.ik/)

Any thoughts? Any questions about my precious little language? <g>

-- Erin Notagain --
/rili peir\@noid fr\ik/


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