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conlang links - where are they?

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Friday, February 9, 2001, 17:18
Hi all.

I'm updating my conlang links pages for my new website
soon to go online. It went well, but there are some
important sites which I can't find. A bit further down
this mail are all the links. Please have a look and see
if I've accidently left you or your conlang out.

Does anyone know where to find these sites:

* Danny Wier, where is your site now?

* "The Conlang List's Member Languages" which used to be at Where is it now?

* Rick Morneau's Essays, where are they?

* Adam Parrish' Doraya, which used to be at Where is it now?

* Sylvia's Keleñ. Where has it moved?

* Does anyone know who made the conlang Saprutum found at

* And last, but definitely not least. Where do you find the
  Tokana Reference Grammar these days?

Below is a list of the links to various conlangs that I
have collected. Does anyone on this list feel left out?
I have a nagging feeling that I'm forgetting someone,
especially some of the newer members...

If you feel left out, PLEASE SPEAK UP! :-)

                * * *

Almaqerin and Sitarwelas by Didier Willis.
amman îar by David Bell.
Arvandran by Laurie Gerholz.
Asiteya by Jennifer Barefoot.
Azak, Remán and Moten by Christophe Grandsire.
Baanzish by Rupert Barnes.
Brithenig by Andrew Smith.
Chevraqis by Yoon Ha Lee.
Corfeg by Daniel Morrison.
Coronese by Mikael Johansson.
Danovën and Arovën by Joshua Shinavier.
Denden by Boudewijn Rempt.
Doraya by Adam Parrish. FUNKAR EJ
Draikonik by Mario Bonassin.
Draqa by Ajin Kwai.
Draseléq by Pablo Flores.
Elenyo by James O'Connell.
Elet Anta by John Fisher.
Eloshtan by Josh Roth.
Ferochromon by H.S. Teoh.
Gladilatian by Dennis Paul Himes.
Graavgaaln by Adam Walker.
Hangkerimce by Carlos Thompson.
Hatasoe and trQal by Patrick Dunn.
Ihro by Andrew Chaney.
Keleñ by Sylvia Sotomayor. FUNKAR EJ
Mango by Natalia Gruscha.
Mungayöd by Daniel Seriff.
Nevokányi by Nicole Perrin.
Phaleran by Tom Wier.
Rokbeigalmki by Steg Belsky.
Saalangal by Barry Garcia.
Sïdmak by Mia Soderquist.
Streich by Tommaso Donnarumma.
Târuven by Taliesin.
Telek by Marcus Smith.
Teonaht by Sally Caves.
Tirehlat by Herman Miller.
Thosk by Dean Easton.
Tokana by Matt Pearson. FUNKAR EJ
Tunu by Mathias Lassailly.
Vaiysi by Luca Mangiat.
Valdyan by Irina Rempt-Drijfhout.
Verdurian by Mark Rosenfelder.
Vogu by Terrence Donnelly.
Watakassí by Nik Taylor.

          * * *

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me,


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