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Re: new webpage

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 14, 1999, 23:48
"Don't bother sweeping with a loosely bound broom!"
Hey, I like the proverbs, and I like your page, Jennifer!
I especially like it when I can see somebody's handwriting
up close like that.  I think the script is great, but I
really tuned in to the colors (with pencil sketches to
illustrate).  Pea, I think, is my favorite group of colors.
I like the fact that you have words for color groups.
That's original.  I'll get to the nouns and verbs in a
minute; just wanted to put my two cents encouragement in.

"Don't bother sweeping..."  I don't think T. has a "don't
bother" phrase yet.  Hmmm.  How to say: "don't waste
your time," "it's a waste of time to..." "don't even think
of..."  "Forget sweeping with a loosely bound broom."

That could apply to a lot of endeavors, couldn't it? <G>

J. Barefoot wrote:
> > I uploaded the still slightly incomplete web page for Asiteya. Still needs > the large section on word order, sketches of the other dialects, phrases, > numerals, vocabulary list, and texts. Other than that...It's pretty well > functional. I love to know what y'all think. > > > > Thanks, > Jennifer
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