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Re: Infinite Games

From:Diana Slattery <glide@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 29, 1998, 4:30

did i say to you yet, iwill reply to your coments--and ask some questions back,
but not until i get back to the states and have the book in front of me.  have a
wonderful holiday season.  our phone lines have been down off and on here in the
west of ireland--winter gales.


Daniel Baisden wrote:

> Diana, I have a copy of that book around somewhere. A little black paper back, > I believe. I couldnt get through it. Sometimes the cat chases his tail, > sometimes he doesnt. I had bought it at a book fair with another book about > infinity that I had found much more interesting. He talked of Transfinite > numbers and such. I enjoyed that one very much. But The other book did not > strike me as exceptionally inspired. > What especially intrigues me are numbers on the edge. Numbers so huge we have > trouble understanding them, and their inverses, so small we could never notice > them, or distinguish them if they were added onto our precious integers...What > did you get out of Carse's book, that apparently I did not? Curious in the > deep south, Dan. > > - > > A. A violent order is disorder, and > B. A great disorder is an order. These > Two things are one. (Pages of illustrations.) > > >From "A Connoisseur of Chaos", by Wallace Stevens.