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Re: KULCH: RE: Personal adjectives (was: Fruitful typos (was: Vulgar Latin))

From:DOUGLAS KOLLER <laokou@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 2:22
From: "And Rosta"

> > The island where the speakers of Géarthnuns reside is in the
neighborhood of
> > the Sea of Okhotsk, > > I didn't know this. Has it always been thus, or the language
> acquire its location relatively recently?
It has not always been thus. This began to congeal some time around last February, two months before I blipped off list. So for list members, this may be a relatively new twist.
> Where exactly do they reside?
My geography skills are poor, but from what marginal research I've done, it's located in the Sea of Japan, off coast from where the borders of Russia, Korea, and China converge. Near the mouth of the Tumen River? Plunked near "zaliv Petra Velikogo". Island a little smaller than Hokkaido. Was going to place it in the Sea of Okhotsk near Sakhalin, but I didn't want my beloved speakers knee-deep in permafrost. I believe Hokkaido has four seasons, so further south should have a climate akin to what I'm familiar and comfortable with. The placement helps curtail a lot of the explaining I'd have to do otherwise.
> Do they reside their today? Is the world in other respects the same as the > one we are in?
Yes. The language has always worked concurrently with our time in what I guess has to be an alternate universe (but meant to operate in the geopolitical realities of our time -- although its presence, of course, would alter those realities).
> [BTW, in the look-feel-taste-smell of its words, Géarthnuns has always
> one of my fave conlangs on this list.]
Well! Make my day, thanks! Kou