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Ebb and flow

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 11:17

andrew writes:
> On Mon, 04 Aug 2008, R A Brown wrote: >> andrew wrote: > >> > Hmmm, Thrjotrunn must be something like the great-grandchild of >> > Brithenig. I wonder what Romlangs look like plotted out on a flow >> > chart? >> >> I wonder, indeed, if they would all fit on a single flow chart. >> > Probably not, and I don't think parent-child relations could be proven. > I imagine the best result would be a timeline when romlangs were first > created.
Exactly. I think so, too. But there were some romlangs that made me more curious about the whole romlang business than others. They did not necessarily influence my design, but brought me closer to the idea because I just loved their look and feel. The first one I liked very much was Jelbazech. I loved the umlaut, especially in preposition-article words (do they have a special name? German _zum_, _zur_; Italian _della_, _degli_ etc.?). The second trigger was Wenedyk, which looks just so ridiculously like Polish. My approach was a bit different, I think, e.g. Jan had greatly simplified the grammar, which does not really parallel Polish. I tortured myself with a lot of grammar irregularities. As a result, I was unbelievably, unsatisfactorily slow... Anyway, those two romlangs were those that made me start such a type of romlang, too. Interesting stuff! More people should do it today, and I'd hope to see more. E.g. Yoon-Ha Lee's idea of a German-Japanese conlang would be very interesting, but she's not too much into conlanging anymore, unfortunately. **Henrik


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