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Re: Naming in a language

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Saturday, April 27, 2002, 7:47
Well, my first name is apparently locative - West lea, meaning the
paddock/field/meadow on the west.  Not that anyone actually considers _that_
when they use my name.  While my surname Parish is apparently an
anglicization of Paris, /s/ mutating to /S/ - ergo locative as well - some of
my ancestors/antecessores must've come from Lutetia sometime around the time
of the Plantagenet monarchs.

And one of the characters in my novel for which I am developing the lakhavala
language, has the wonderful name Akhriech - akh/akha - bone; riech -
crunch/crush, construct form with absolutive ending or lack thereof - no
suffixing of the agentive suffix.  "Bonecruncher/crusher", in keeping with
the Lakhabrech's racial history of derivation from humanity with predator
alterations.  "Bonecrusher" is also one of the more famous of New Zealand's
racing horses of recent memory, so you would not be using the translation in
any case - Akhriech would be much more interested in "Bonecrusher" as a meal
on the hoof than as a betting proposition.

Praleyo, another of my characters, means "Upright" with "person" understood.
He understands it from a strictly moral perspective, while Akhriech - his
wife and her village's trainee midwife - understands it in a somewhat more
physical manner, or course.

Wesley Parish

On Sat, 27 Apr 2002 08:06, you wrote:
> On 24 Apr 02, at 1:49, Neo wrote: > > Well, i had an idea more along the lines of how to translate these > > names... > > That reminds me of this: > > > Basically, it asks those who would translate names into another > language (in this case, Klingon) to consider whether they translate > names into their language (in this case, English). For example, > > (quote) > What is Binyamin Netanyahu's name in English? Binyamin Netanyahu? > Benjamin? "Son-of-the-right-hand God-has-given"? > (end quote) > > I wouldn't say that "my name in English is horse-friend", for example. > I'd say that my English name is "Philip". > > Cheers, > Philip