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Re: R: Re: gender in English

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, September 7, 2000, 18:51
Marcus wrote:

> For example, Death might typically be male in our > >literature, but that's more tradition than the language. If I were to > >write a story with Death as a female, it wouldn't be the traditional > >personification, but it is still perfectly acceptible in our language. > > I did this for a Creative Writing course a few years back. The prof.
> it. Lots of comments/praise for breaking with tradition and being, well, > creative. >
Well, in Italy it wouldn't be absolutuely original. If I'd say the Death is a man, THAT would be original, since in Romance langs Death is feminine (it. la morte, sp. la muerte, fr. la mort, port.*a morte). Another exemple of how language can modify culture? Luca