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Poll by Email No. 11

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Saturday, May 18, 2002, 15:48
        This week's poll was not submitted by And Rosta, but I'm using it all the
same, because it's rather interesting. I'll just quote him:
        "It is useful to separate "finished" into "polished" and "functionally
complete". A rough cut of a film is unpolished but functionally complete; a
film of which only half the scenes have been shot is functionally incomplete.
The distinction is useful too with conlangs, since any conlang like any work
of art will always be susceptible to further polishing, while conlangs differ
in how functionally complete they are, which can be gauged by how easy it is
to translate into or compose in the conlang -- how straitened one feels by
the existing resources of the conlang, and the extent to which those
strictures would be ameliorated by further work on developing the conlang.
        "On which point, I would be interested to hear which *a priori*
conlangs out there are functionally complete, as functionally complete as a
        Thus: what marks the extent of your conlang endeavors?
        I have created one or more...
        A. "Polished" a priori conlangs.
        B. "Functionally complete" a priori conlangs.
        C. "Functionally incomplete" a priori conlangs.
        D. My conlang(s) have not even made it to the editing room yet.


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