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Thagojian font in Yahoo! lostlangs file area

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Sunday, October 3, 2004, 4:47
I've dug out a TTF for Thagojian I made ages ago and uploaded it to the files area
of the lostlangs group on Yahoo! Groups.

It includes characters for {e-acute}, {o-acute}, {e-diaeauoresis}, {i-umlaut},
plus the following substitutions:

C/c -> Lhadi /K/
F/f -> Phey /f/
J/j -> Theta /T/
V/v -> Nhayn /N/
W/w -> Shori /S/
X/x -> Khey /x/
Y/y -> Psey /ps)/
Z/z -> Tseta /ts)/

Every other letter maps to its romanisation.

It seems to be lacking a character for Ksey /ks)/ which is a big shame. Maybe I
can dig out my font software and have a poke.

If you can't access Yahoo! Groups, and you really want to see the font, just
reply here or off-list and I'll send it to you.