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Fänyläjikyl Inglyx - deeper into my system.

From:B Elliott Walker <umwalk05@...>
Date:Monday, December 6, 1999, 23:06
>I like that, Byron! It seems that once again we are speaking different >dialects, as some vowels I would have chosen differently. But I'd be
interested in any write up You may have done on it.
well now. i suppose i should provide an ascii-ipa diagram of the orthography.... >kirshenbaum< standard IPA my ortho pin /pIn/ pin bet /bEt/ bet pain /peIn/ pein spoon /spun/ sp=9Cn book /bUk/ buik like /lAIk/ l=E6k pawn /pAn/ p=E2n power /pAUR/ pau=EAr church /tSRtS/ tj=EArtj under /VndR/ ynd=EAr feed /fid/ fied should /SUd/ sjuid boil /bOIl/ boyl yellow /jEloU/ jelo purple /pRpl/ p=EArpl won't /woUnt/ wont joy /dZOI/ cjoy please pardon my transcriptions... i'm not used to using any ascii-ipa system. as one can see, it needs a little polishing. perhaps over christmas holid= ays i'll piddle aroond with it a touch. i'm not sure about some of my vowel & digraph system right now - it's a rather frankensteinish monster pillaged from frisian, icelandic, german, scots, and some other places. the thorn = and edh need to be orthographically fixed, too. conjugation of 'to be' c=E2ncj=EAgeisjn yv 'toe bie' i'm =E6m you're j=EAr he's hies she's sjies it's its they're =FEei=EAr as you can see, it=B4s not completely phonemic...... there are some idiosyncracies (final _s_ for /z/, initial =FE for /D/), etc. this comes = from my personal dislike for the letter zed. i don't know why i hate it... i j= ust do.
>Couldn't you manage to sneak an eth, a thorn and perhaps >a few consonants-with-accent-circonflex in? It looks >very, well, very interesting...
hey! i have a system like that, with the edh an the thorn and the circonflexes: example text. =D0=EAr wyns wys =EA pig. Hie encjoyd on menie symlteinjys levls long war= m myd ba=F0s, l=E6ing yn =F0=EA syn. Hauev=EAr, =F0=EA farmr ho ond him did n=E2= t. =D0ys, =F0ei w=EAr c=E2nst=EAntlie cwareling amyngst ietj y=F0r as =F0=EA pig wuid trac myd = al ovr =F0=EA farmrs clien flor. Leitr =F0at m=E6ld symr siesn, =F0=EA farmr wys faund = styft into =EA cylvrt, n w=EAn =F0ei ceim for =F0=EA pig, hie wys verie drtie n l=E6= ing yp=E2n =F0=EA farmrs tjestrfield. There once was a pig. He enjoyed on many simultaneous levels long warm mu= d baths, lying in the sun. However, the farmer who owned him did not. Thus, they were constantly quarelling amongst each other as the pig would track mud all over the farmer's clean floor. Later that mild summer season, the farmer was found stuffed in a culvert, and when they came for the pig, he was very dirty and lying upon the farmer's chesterfield. byron