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[LCC] LCC2 Survey, Pre-registration, & Talks proposals

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Friday, December 22, 2006, 6:09
Please take a minute to fill out the following (even if you're not
sure you can attend the LCC2):

It covers some basics about the planning of the second Language
Creation Conference, such as timing, ratings, ticket price, etc.

It is also the pre-registration form, and the place to propose talks
you could do.

This includes mini-talks (5-15 minutes) as well as full (30-50 minute)
ones; workshops; guided discussions; or anything else you can do to
contribute to the program. Talks by video (recorded or live) ARE
possible, so please don't say no just because you can't attend in

Please forward this to anyone else who may be interested in attending
the Conference.