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theolinguistics:"The Language Gap and God (was various trans. of Lord's Prayer)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, February 21, 2004, 10:19
this here posting is allabout THEOLINGUISTICS:

    yeah yeah, the list's rule of "no cross, no crown"... some Anarchists say
"no god, no master"... neat paradox, same thing.

    & TA-DA! what with Steg and I discussin' the the song "tenn0" by mortal
off-list  - and  -  then allasudden all these tranexaltions of the Lord's
Prayer and Babel Text flyin' allaoverthe freakin' place...

    Serenity Prayer (of 12 Step)

        God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
        The courage to change the things I can,
        And the wisdom to know the difference.

    much shorter, less melodramatic Vulgar Taoist Trickster Archetype

        Shit Happens
        Roll with the Punches
        Go with the Flow

a (fore)word from Jung... Carl Jung:

    Carl Gustav Jung wrote, "Nobody can know what the ultimate things are. We
must, therefore, take them as we experience them. And if such experience
helps to make your life healthier, more beautiful, more complete and more
satisfactory to yourself and to those you love, you may safely say: 'This was the
grace of God.'"

    Jung also wrote,"If you should find in ineradicable
tendency to believe in God or immortality, do not allow yourself to be disturbed by
the blather of so-called 'free-thinkers'; but if you find in yourself an
equally resistant tendency to deny all religious ideas, do not hesitate to deny them
and see how that suits you."

    As some of you know there is such a thing as "Jungian Spirituality" but
did you know that Carl Jung and Dr. Bob, co-founder of the 12 Step idea and AA
(Alcoholics Anonymous) were at one time friends when initially
discussing/addressing the problem of treating alcoholism?

    "I rather be whole than good." - Carl Jung

    "Religion is for those afraid of hell;
    Spirituality is for those who've been to hell and don't want to go back."
                - NA (Narcotics Anonymous) 12 Step saying
            (unofficial, non-canonical as in "It ain't in the Big Book [the
AA 12 Step Book, that has been recently "up-dated"]")

    OK... bear in MonkeyBrainies that <A HREF="">
Panentheism</A> is a form of religio-mysticism (mayhaps familiar to those of
the more byzantine of the Orthodox Faith) & that all the forms of mysticism
exist at [a la Persian poet-mystic-Sufi Rumi], - as David Crystal, _Cambridge Enc.
of the English Language_, terms "the edges of language":

    In a very tight nutshell, _<A HREF="">
Panentheism</A>_  is not to be totally confused with _pantheism_ (i.e., certain Hindu
concepts of the Atman Nature of Brahma)
    <A HREF="">Panentheism</A>: everything in
"God", "God" in everything and "God" being the sum of it all and transcending all,
the entire cosmic process is "God" & "God" works like an improvising
multimedia artist attempting to win order and beauty out of opportunity. The entire
process moving along undetermined lines, "God" is thus also "the Great Companion
- the Fellow-Sufferer Who Understands, our Greatest Ally in the Cosmic Chaos

“... and know the devil is the work of god
        and all the devils do the work of god...” ~ Danzig

<A HREF="">Panentheism -</A>

"You ride the brilliance, You are light, You are the construct,

You defy dimension tenn0!, You are what you are, eternal, absolute,

You are imperial, sovereign yeah tenn0, tenn0!

You breathe redemption, motive, power, You're elemental, super-collider

yeah tenn0!, You are air and earth, fire and ocean, You are Word, You are

tenn0 tenn0!" - from the song "tenn0" by mortal

<A HREF="">Panentheism</A>
from a Pantheist viewpoint

<A HREF="">Panentheism - God in All

Things: Biblical Panentheism: The Evâ |</A>

    <A HREF="">Panentheism</A>: belief that the
Godhead exists in everything AND transcends everything, that the Godhead is both
totally immanent AND totally transcendent - both world-inclusive AND
    The Godhead is "dipolar" - encompassing such contraries as absoluteness &
relativity, one & many, being & non-being, necessity & contingency, eternity
& temporality, destruction & creation, positive & negative, male & female,
divine & profane, impersonal & personal, etc. ad infinitum googolplex plus plus
... the Godhead is perfect being, not unchanging, but capable of being excelled
by nothing other than the GodheadSelf: change, not permanence, is the
fundamental nature of both the Godhead and reality. In another words, both changeless
and changing perfection.
    “Panentheists believe in a Godhead that is present in everything but also
extends beyond the universe. In other words, the Godhead is greater than the
universe. Unlike pantheism, however, it does not say that the universe is
identical to God; it maintains that there is more to God than just the universe.
Panentheism says that all is in God, somewhat as if God were the ocean and we
were fish. If one considers what is in God's body to be part of God, then we
can say that God is all there is and then some. The universe is God's body, but
God's awareness or personality is greater than the sum of all the parts of the
universe. All the parts have some degree of freedom in co-creating with
God.... [To put it simply, both God and the cosmos are interdependent “entities”
of creativity.]
    “... Panentheism gives all that one could want: an all-encompassing,
growing, perfect God, everywhere present and containing everywhere within himself;
and the reality of oneself and others, freely deciding within God, responding
to God's overtures in the process of co-creation. Theism denies that the
world (including us) shares in God's being. Panentheism recognizes that everything
shares God's being (or becoming) but that God's being operates from
innumerable relatively freely-choosing centers or perspectives of existence. God and
the world, which is God's body, are interdependent. To be is to be free, to be
choosing, and to be enjoying (slightly or greatly, positively or negatively)
the process of selecting from among competing influences. To be doing this is to
be alive. To be doing it with the complexity of performing these tasks
self-consciously, rationally, purposefully is to be doing it as a person. To have
perfect awareness of all this, perfect memory, love, and preservation of it, and
to be giving perfect guidance to the others who are involved in the process
is to be the only perfect person, God.”

    All in all, it seems the bestest poetry is from God ;)


    Hanuman Zhang, heeding the Call(ing) to Divine Chaos & Creation

<=  thee prIs ov eXistenZ iz aetern'l warfaer 'N' kreativ playf'llnizz...  =>

_NADA BRAHMA_ < Sanskrit >  "sound = Godhead"

_LILA_  < Sanskrit >

    1. the Universe is what happens when God wants to play: Divine Play - the
Play of the Divine in its Cosmic Dance, Whimsy - like a child playing alone,
God the Cosmic Dancer has a Whim-wham, too - whose routine is all creatures
and all worlds - the Cosmos flows -  tireless unending resistless stream of
God's energy...that _is_ Lila

    2. joyous Yin-Yangin' exercise of spontaneity involved in the

giddy-in-the-moment Art of Creation/Destruction... this is also Lila

    "...divine chaos ...rumors of chaos have been known to enhance the for the godhead manifests no more of its reality than the

grammar of each person's imagination and conceptual system can handle. A
second advantage is suggested by...the possibilty of many gods, ... each one of us
experiencing a unique... revelation. An orderly monistic and monotheistic
system... might succumb to a craving for logical coherence, and trim away some of
the mystery, rich indeterminancy, and tragic ambiguity in a complete numinous
experience. For some temperaments, the ambivalent gentleness and savagery of
fate can be imagined effectively in a godhead split into personified
attributes, sometimes at war, sometimes in shifting alliance." - Vernon Ruland, _Eight
Sacred Horizons: The Religious Imagination East and West_