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colors of days of the week

From:Pavel A. da Mek <pavel.adamek@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 25, 2001, 8:59
David Peterson wrote:

>As for me, I always think of days of the week in terms of colors: >Monday's blue, Tuesday's white, Wednesday's red, >Thursday's yellow, Friday's green, Saturday's orange, >and Sunday's purple. :)
But there are other colors used in heraldic, astrology and alchemy: Shamash, Sol, sun - Sunday, Au, gold (yellow), :::::: Sin, Luna, moon - Monday, Ag, silver (white), Nergal, Mars, Tiw - Tuesday, Fe, red, ||||||, fire Nabu, Mercur, Wodan - Wednesday, Hg, magenta, ////// Marduk, Jupiter, Thor - Thursday, Sn, blue, ===, water Ishtar, Venus, Frige - Friday, Cu, green, \\\\\\ Ninurta, Saturn - Saturdy, Pb, black, ###. ------ Conculture: There are only 6 days in Mekhtish week: Greenday, Goldday, Redday, Magentaday, Blueday and Cyanday. The year (366 days) is divides into 61 weeks (6 days each) and 6 seasons (61 days each). Therefore Greenseason (Sprouting) starts and ends on Greeenday, Goldseason (Flowering) starts and ends on Goldday, Redseason (Maturing) starts and ends on Redday, Magentaseason (Harvest) starts and ends on Magentaday, Blueseason (Blowing) starts and ends on Blueday, and Cyanseason (Freezing) starts and ends on Cyanday. Pavel