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CHAT: Synesthesia

From:Melissa Phong <melissap@...>
Date:Thursday, December 9, 1999, 1:22
>> >> >> >> Numbers and letters evoking colors 69% >> > >> >*WOW*. I always thought it was a bit weird, but I do this, and never >> >realised it was a widespread thing. I see some words but *especially* >> >numbers as colours. Or rather, shades of grey. I had no idea other >> >people did too! >> >> Hola, Don, >> >> It looks like you're in good company here on Conlang. Since I posted, >> three people on the list have mentioned that they have some synesthetic >> sensibilites; I just checked the article I quoted from the Dec. >> Discover magazine and the occurrence is thought to be one in 2000 in the >> general population.
>Make that four people on the list - I definitely have synesthetic >sensibilities - each number has a definite color, and each letter as >well. Different mathematic operations have certain pictures in my head, >for example, multiplication is drawing a diagonal line; I view a year >(or a month, week, etc) as a sort of loop...Lots of things have their >own pictures. And speaking of another really strange quirky thing: I
I'm a bit confused about what synesthesia is exactly. All words conjour up= =20 colors in my head and I see things like Nicole describes. For instance, the= =20 alphabet looks rather like piano keys and August is sort of a muted yellow.= =20 But to me, that's quite different from having synesthesia and tasting color= s,=20 etc. I guess I just assumed that everybody sees words as colors and differe= nt=20 designs. Is that not true?