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Re: USAGE: -ic(al) Re: [CONLANG] Most developed conlang

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 23:50

Interesting discussion about 'begging the question'!  For the modern
usage I would have used 'to raise the question'.  (For the older usage
(if you can ever agree on what it really means/meant :-P) I would not
have known any idiom.)

I cannot resist to comment on a totally unrelated thing that Mark
definitely did not provide for a nitpick like me to comment on in this
way. :-)


Mark J. Reed writes:
>... > Who created the universe? "God." OK, but that's begging the question > - who created God? You can, of course, get into the theology of the > uncreated/creatorless Creator at this point, but until you do, you > haven't answered the question. >...
Without any religious bias I must point out that the answer 'God' does in fact answer the question. Since God is, was and will always be. God needs no creation, because time and space are irrelevant for God. By definition that is, I think for all usages of 'God' in monotheistic religions regardless of the particular doctrine. Anyway, I would agree that there are situations when the answer is quite futile since it probably does not really help to solve scientifically a tricky question a human wants to understand. :-) Ok, just ignore me. :-) **Henrik