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Sst Phonology

From:Shreyas Sampat <nsampat@...>
Date:Thursday, April 26, 2001, 21:27
I thought that with all this auxlanging about, I'd post the phonology of
this language I've been working on.  It's fairly exotic and non-auxlangy.
It was originally just an exercise in exoticism, but perhaps i'll make it
into a magical language, since those are being discussed.

p t t` k
f s S  x
m n n` N
Nasals are by default voiceless. R is a trill.

Orthographically, p, f, m, t, s, n, r, tt, ss, nn, k, h, j.
If a consonant becomes voiced, it's written like so: b, v, ym, d, s, yn, rr,
dd, zz, ynn, g, yh, yj.
R isn't normally pronounced voiced even when it should be by the rule below.

i a u
(<i> is any front vowel, <a> any mid, and <u> any back)
Rounding and openness aren't phonemic, only frontness.

Syllable Structure:
{T} = p, t, t`, k
{S} = f, s, S, x
{N} = m, n, n`, N
{Q} = {S}, {N}
{C} = {T}, {Q}
{V} = i, u, a


The final Q and initial C must be in the same position as the nucleus if it
was not a vowel; if the nucleus was a vowel, then the syllable becomes
Vowel openness, though not phonemic, is determined by place of the preceding
consonant (if any): labials are open, alveolars open-mid, retroflexes
close-mid, and velars close.



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