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The ever changing conlang (< Introduction, and a Couple Questions)

Date:Tuesday, January 29, 2008, 4:36
> [] On Behalf Of Mr Veoler
> Herman Miller wrote: > > But as your vocabulary grows, every time you want to make a > change to the > > phonology you'll need to examine a larger number of words > to see what > > changes might be necessary. I just went through that with > Minza recently, > > and it's not something I want to have to do again. > > Agree. This is what happened to Raikudu, and it's still undone.
> Fortunately, I doesn't have to many morphemes yet.
This is certainly an issue in conlanging. Fundamental change such as adding, subtracting or changing phonology or orthography can lead to a lot of work just keeping the reference materials current. This has happened quite a few times with Sasxsek, and it only gets worse as time goes on because of the increasing amount of materials generated. My recent merging of /w/ into /u/ and /j/ into /i/ is a good example, and probably the last change of this type I'll make. Even lexical shifts and changes are more rare now because of the work involved, and because I'm pushing to baseline as much as possible due to some people who have expressed and interest in learning the language though I'm advising anyone who want to learn it to be cautious about changes. OTOH, I also have Deini, my personal language. I really haven't gone much past the phonology/orthography/script stage but it's pretty safe to say now that that's pretty well embedded because this is not an auxlang where I'm searching for better more efficient ways to organize the language. In a personal language the only criteria are my own biases and how to apply them in a way that suits my taste.
> > John Vertical wrote: > > I've got a few dozen phonology sketches lying around; only > three-four have > > any grammar & lexicon whatsoever to go with them... it's > like an addiction. > > The conlanging equivalent of a snack, I'd say. :) > > Agree. I only have one main grammar for all my sketches. > > -- Veoler