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Jovian goes into Puberty

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Saturday, March 22, 2003, 23:05
Don't all languages eventually reach an age where they
begin to develop all sorts of lazy quirks, seemingly
intent on doing everything but what their wise parents
have planned for them?  ;-)

Well, Jovian isn't quite so bad yet, but it has grown
a few slang features that apparently many young
commoners in Jervaine employ nowadays...  ::shakes
head in disapproval::

It involves a reduction of unstressed endings (/@/ ->
nil except where required to break up ugly consonant
collisions, and /@n/ -> /@/ except where required for
liaison between vowels), as well as a simplification
of noun declinations (nouns and adjectives are always
in the nominative form, leaving the case inflections
for articles and pronouns).


"The beautiful woman gives the old mister a fresh fish."

Feima bella da doemo seini pixen friscun.
['fejm@ 'vell@ da 'dAjmA 'zejni 'piS@m 'priSk@n ]

Ja feima bella da ei doemu seine un pix friscun.
[j@ vejm vel da e zAjm sejn @m 'biS 'friSk@]

But some instances of reduction have even found their
way into official Jovian.  For example, the noun
|doemu| [dAjm@] "mister" usually comes out as [dAjm]
in addresses such as [A zAjm] "sir!".  Then again,
the official spelling of that is |o doeme|, which has
its roots in the Latin vocative.  In the same way,
most proper names on |-us| in Latin end up with a
mute |-e| rather than a pronounced |-u| in Jovian.

-- Christian Thalmann


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