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Re: Degrees of adjectives

From:caeruleancentaur <caeruleancentaur@...>
Date:Saturday, February 5, 2005, 16:46
caeruleancentaur wrote:
> >I decided that two degrees of comparison were redundant. If they are >not needed in Spanish (or French), they aren't needed in Senyecan. > >The context always tells the speakers how many items are being >compared.
In, René Uittenbogaard <ruittenb@W...> wrote:
>>Except when the context is missing.
I am unable to imagine a conversation in which the context is missing. How is it possible for two people to have a conversation and not know what they are talking about? Surely the drinks the sweetness of which is being compared have been spoken about or tasted or at least pointed at. Charlie