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exclusion of approximants

From:Josh <jkartes@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 18, 2000, 23:46
I agree with Chollie:  approximants are seemingly nothing more than a
hindrance when it comes to deciding whether or not to make them vowels,
semi-vowels or consonants.  Though they exist in Kartesian, I had thought
a couple of times to exclude them.  Future languages by me will most
likely not include R and L.

> Chollie wrote: > > Might I suggest that we eliminate approximants? For instance, r could > >be deleted, perhaps coloring neighboring vowels (like in Boston English) > and > >l could be velarized - with subsequent monophthongization of diphthongs? I > >think that would take us closer to CVCVCV. > I think the gods of Proto Polynesian would permit loss of r (indeed, it > happened-- merged with l). Why not velarized? Poly-Latino with an east > Eur. accent.
-- Josh :)