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Hello I just joined the list

From:Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>
Date:Monday, May 6, 2002, 19:47
Welcome, Aleks! (I wonder if I've managed to post before Christophe G)
Your introduction is just fine, (((and certainly a vast improvement over
the reception that certain persons who should know better have given other
new list members))). There are quite a few others here about your age, some
younger (not me!). Feel free to share your conlang(s). You might not always
get much response, but a lot of people will be reading it.

Jeff Jones

On Sat, 4 May 2002 04:41:11 +0200, =?iso-8859-2?Q?a=2E=20koch?=
<k.aleks@...> wrote:

>Hey All, >I'm just going to give myself a short introduction so that if I ever >comment on a conversation some of you might remember something of who >I am. I'm a young one. In fact, I'm only seventeen. I am assuming >most of you are older than my, perhaps all of you. My native tongue >is English (American, New England). I also speak Spanish, Swedish, >and some Portuguese. Then there are the little bits of Serbo-Croat, >German, and Czech which I know as well, though not nearly as well or >much as I'd like. Someday, though, someday... >In any case, I've been working, toying, and otherwise experimenting >with conlangs for the last 4 or 5 years. Actually, it all started (as >I can remember) when I made a script of my own up at the age of about >12 or 13...My memory is so bad I can't quite put a date to when I >started this all. >I am still very interested in scripts and am currently working on >designing a script based off of Archaic Etruscan and my own esthetic >tastes. Anyways, of course I signed up for this list so I'm into >conlangs. I'm also very interested in linguistics pertaining to >actual languages of this world which have spent thousands upon >thousands of years developing. >Well, I haven't got much to say that's all too important and I'm >fairly sure not half of you want to read my ranting... >I guess you can e-mail me personally if you want to talk about >anything, or want to know more about me, or are interested in any of >the work I have done. (I am working on a website now, but that's >definitely not ready now. To the only language I'm really seriously >working on now the word order and other parts of the grammer just >completely changed...lots of reforms. Well, I'll let any of you who >are interested know when the site is ready). >I don't know if my introduction is anything like it should be, or if >I should have one, or how these lists work exactly, however I'm sure >it will all be okay. So, yeah...goodbye. > >Cheers, >-Aleks > >______________________________________________________________________ >Reklama: >Seznam Prace - Hledate praci nebo menite zamestnani?